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My Approach

Where do you start with addressing your problems and how do you know how to choose the right therapist? The most important factor is the relationship with the therapist we choose. We have to feel safe and confident that we are in good hands in which we can share most private thoughts and feelings.

I am a psychoanalytical psychotherapist in private practice based in Kingston, Surrey, I also work and teach psychotherapy students in the Bowlby Centre (Center for attachment based Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy ) in London. Additionally I am a member of The International Psychotherapy Group.

I work with adults and adolescents who have experienced a wide array of personal and work-related difficulties. My approach is informed by attachment theory and research, relational psychoanalysis, the literature on trauma, affect regulation, reflective functioning and developmental neurobiology.

Fortunate to discover psychotherapy through the need to resolve some of my own personal dilemmas, I initially found it to be supportive, challenging and life changing. As I grew to know myself better I decided that I would like to develop in this field personally and professionally.

I began my 4 years professional training as a psychotherapist in the Center for attachment based psychoanalytical psychotherapy. Since then I have become a Mother and have developed a particular interest in child-parent relationships and childhood traumas.

People come to counselling and psychotherapy for many reasons from being rocked by a significant life event, to a general sense of dissatisfaction and distress with life that they are struggling to make sense of. Working with me will give you an opportunity to gain more insight and awareness into yourself, your situation and the way you relate to others. I will help you to make your own decisions and to take more control over your life.

I continue to learn from life and the clients with whom I have worked.

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